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Universal 1-wire splice

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 unit is totally self-contained. There are no hidden boxes or switches. For some older BMW models, it plugs in-line with hi-beam supply wire. As a universal application, it requires the hi-beam wire to be cut.  

P115W-H3 unit comes with 1/4" Tab male/female connectors and a ground wire pre-installed. A spare set of matching insulated Tab connectors for universal application is also included.

The protective vinyl boot can be removed and the screw-in terminals can be used for direct connections to the bike's hi-beam wire. This allows for a very compact installation. The unit is 1.0" (25.4mm) by 1.35" (34.4mm), and externally mounted.

Alternatively, you can choose 3-pin H4 adapter above to get a plug-in product. The adapter will come pre-installed. This is a good choice if you have a small headlight bucket with very tight space.

pathBlazer circuit modulates the hi-beam current - from 100% ON to about 17% OFF. This is accomplished by using a p-channel MOSFET, which is inherently safe. The MOSFET is designed to fail in the ON state. For additional safety, the circuits DO NOT utilize the lo-beam whatsoever!

MAX power rating is 115 watts. DO NOT EXCEED! 
P115W-H3 comes with a detachable daylight sensor, which simply plugs into the pathBlazer. The daylight sensor functions as a switch; it stops modulation when it cannot see enough daylight. Since the internal circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor, it allows for customizable features.

Programmable Daylight Sensor

3-Click Programming: If you turn the high beam on and then turn the ignition on three times quickly, the sequence is interpreted as an active command to change the sensitivity. Current software version v.823A allows 8 linear steps between the high and low end. 

The daylight sensor has a low frequency filter to avoid false triggering. Please note that florescent lamps may not trigger the sensor - it needs constant incandescent light. 

pathBlazer uses a soft-switching technique. It throttles the current flow through the bulb filament, so that there's no "thermal shock" due to a sudden inrush of current, which can damage the bulb filament or shorten its life considerably. This is far superior than maintaining a small voltage! 

Select hi-beam to modulate - as long as there's sufficient daylight. If you enter a tunnel or if it gets dark, it will stop the modulation of the hi-beam and stay ON steady. Select lo-beam to end modulation.

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Installation does not require any special tools. Everything needed to complete the job is in the product package.

Follow the steps described here and refer to the Installation Manual enclosed in the product package. 

Installation videos with standard bulbs and LED bulbs are viewable on our YouTube channel. Or you can search for them directly on YouTube.


Click here for Installation Manual

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