Motorcycle Traffic Light Changer

Traffic Light Changer
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Green Light Trigger Device, High Performance Traffic Light Changer.

"Just a quick note to let you know that the Trigger works as advertised. I was actually surprised because it's so small. I thought there was no way. But it's great. Thanks a lot."
James J.

"I already bought one of the Green Light Triggers from you before and it works great. I'm buying another for a friend of mine even though he doesn't get traffic tickets (he's a cop). Thanks,"

Recommended by Motorcyclist magazine in their 2001 holiday gift guide.

In the Touring News, the GoldWing Touring Assoc. national magazine, Mark Hornstein says, "it does work, and is certainly worth the money."

Featured in Motorcycle Tour & Cruiser magazine.

Featured on nationally-syndicated Open Road Radio.

Cycle News says, "The Green Light Trigger may be your answer."



The Green Light Trigger HP is new and improved. makes your motorcycle more "visible" to 95% of all traffic signal detectors. Also works with bicycles.

Tired of getting stuck at red lights?

How the Green Light Trigger HP Works.

Traffic signal sensors are essentially metal detectors buried in the road surface. These "inductive loop" sensors are easy to spot because they have a circular, square, or diamond- shaped saw cut in the pavement just before the intersection. They're meant to pick up the presence of large masses of metal - like cars and trucks - sitting still over the detector loop.

Most modern bikes don't have enough inductive material in their frames to trip the sensor, and what they have tends to be oriented vertically above the loop (making it harder to sense) so we get stuck.

The Green Light Trigger is a powerful permanent magnet that can be attached to the bottom of practically any bike, so that when that bike is in motion crossing a detector loop, the Trigger sets up a voltage signal in the loop. When the control computer sees that signal, it knows someone's there, and the biker gets a green light, just like everyone else. work atnight where the signals are usually programmed much differently thanduring day time. Many of the left turns I have to take would NEVERtrigger. Now EVERY one I have to go through has triggered right away.I even tested it out on about a dozen side streets just to make sure,and it worked great. Of course this probably ticked off the 4 wheeledcross traffic... Thanks again,"

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