NEW PRODUCT.  Most bikes with 2 or less brake bulbs

OR use on the 3rd Brake Light of your car or truck

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T50W InstallT50W
 unit is designed to handle up to (2) tail light bulbs - for most Harleys, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki cruiser models, with specific application for newer BMWs with 3-wire LED taillights and Honda Goldwing LED spoilers with dual-row LEDs. 

T50WD unit is very compact - only 0.6" (15mm) square. It can fit in the tail section or under the seat or even behind the tail light housing.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) suggests that you pump your brakes at each stop. tailBlazer does it automatically, and by flashing the bulb filament at maximum brightness.

When you apply the brakes the brake light will modulate rapidly at first then slow down to a solid ON, over a period of (4) seconds.


As soon as you tap your brakes, drivers behind you will see a rapid flash of the brake lights. This sudden flashing invokes immediate attention.

tailBlazer uses a flash pattern which decays exponentially - a well-recognized deceleration warning. The attention to the initial flashing now changes to a clear recognition that you're beginning to slow down!

Simply flashing brake lights or flashing them on & off will get the attention of drivers behind you, but it doesn't inform them of anything else. Every split second of delay in their reaction reduces your safety margin.



■ Install it inline with the brake wire, as shown. No ground wire or ground connection required!

■ If it's hooked-up the wrong way, the circuit shuts down and the Status LED flashes rapidly.

■ If there's a short or if the load is more than 50W, the circuit shuts down. Just like a fuse. The Satus LED stays off. You can reset the unit after the short or the overload is removed.

The internal circuitry is controlled by a microprocessor, which allows precise flash patterns, overload detection and reverse polarity protection.

■ DO NOT use on bikes that have bulb-check system or CAN-bus monitoring.
■ DO NOT use on LED clusters that share tail & brake inputs.


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