Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit

Pocket Tire Plugger, Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit
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Pocket Tire Plugger $45.42

Pocket Tire Plugger, With CO2 Inflation. Repair and Re-Inflate Tubeless Tires On The Rim

   Why Be Stranded? This kit gives you the ability to perform the most effective repair without dismounting your tubrless tire. Weighs only 18 ounces.
Includes: Plugs, Tire hole reaming tool, Plug instalation tool, Co2 inflation cartridges and complete instructions.
 The Stop & Go kits #1000 Pocket Tire Pluggers won the ‘Product Innovation of the Year’ award from Rider Magazine in June 2004. Because the Stop & Go Kits provide the best means to prevent being stranded. You get a more effective repair, with a more generous supply of materials and tools at a better price.

If you’re not sure, compare the value of any Stop & Go kit to our nearest competitors....

Motorcycle Consumer News(an unbiased consumer reports type magazine) evaluated 18 different tire repair and inflation devices in their March 2002 issue. They stated:

"It was universally agreed that the Stop & Go Tire Plugger was the best all-around tire repair in the group. It repaired every hole we could throw at it and the design of the plug just makes good sense."
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