Lightman Motorcycle Emergency Strobe Kit

Emergency Strobe Light Kit
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LightManMotorcycle Emergency Xenon Dual Strobe Unit Kit    $42.95 
This kit is especially desgined for use by motorcyclists and is a very flexible to handle many types of emergencies & visibility requirements.
Used by many Police an Fire units.
 This kits innovative features are:
- Super bright xenon flash units can be seen up to 2 miles away
- Visible a full 360 degrees and from the top
- Reflective strobe lens increases strobe visibility
- Small and relatively flat shape
- Strobe units will lay flat on the ground
- Very light weight (entire kit weighs 6.5 oz)
- Water resistant
- Runs on 2 AA batteries
- Batteries last for 3 hours of continuous use and 5 hours of intermittent use.

Kit contains many useful items:

- 2 strobse with a Lens Color of your choice - Choose from above

- 2 clip mounts
The clip mounts are designed to attach to a jacket, pants, or belt and will allow for increased visibility on a person. Very useful if you have to walk around on the side of the road at night. Another use could be to attach a strobe unit to the back of your jacket or riding pants for increased visibility in bad weather (i.e. heavy fog or rain).

- 2 suction mounts
The suction mounts are useful for attching the strobe unit to a mirror or to the back of the bike. This allows for the unit to be higher from the ground

- Soft carrying bag
The soft bag stores all the items in the kit and the entire kit is small enough to fit under most motorcycle seats or in a riding bag
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