Repalcement G4 element 2-pin

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Replacement G4 Halogen bulb element with 2-pins. 

G4 Element

This bulb is specially made for automotive environment. The filament is tightly wound and mounted between closely spaced posts to withstand vibrations.

- Do not look at it directly for too long.

- Do not touch the glass with bare hands.

- Clean with an alcohol pad. The oil from the skin can cause the bulb to explode when turned on.

- The bulb is fragile and care must be taken when removing or installing.

- Slight wiggling while you pull or push it is better than brute force!


Replacement G4 LED element with2-pin.

This element has dual panels for super bright 6000*K pure white light output. The drive electronics are built-in and comletely encased clear silicone.

- Do not bend the silicone molding

- Slight wiggling while you pull or push it is better that brute force!

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